Dragon Pond (LongChi 龙池)

Suzhou - Sightseeing

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LongChi Scenic Spot (Dragon Pond 龙池)
Huashan South Road, Fengqiao Town
Suzhou New District
Tel: 0512-66658111
0512-66658711 0512-66657027
Fax: 0512-66658111
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Ecological Park of White Horse Brook in Suzhou (June 9, 2007) Just as we thought we have seen most of Suzhou's scenic areas, we found the Dragon Pond, the best kept secret in Suzhou New District. We went with a group of youth from Suzhou International Fellowship exploring the park. There's plenty of activities for the entire family from hiking, water balloon surfing, boatrides, obstacle course, spongy cord bounce... There's a picnic area where you can bring your own food or buy skewers of meat to be cooked on barbecue grills. The smell of barbecue food is enough to keep you there for hours. Of course, you can bring your own meat for barbecue too. Though the hot weather of summer is here, there are plenty of shaded area in the park where you can rest and refresh. 512-6665-8111. Summer hours: 8:15 - 18:00.

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